Candied Jalapeños and Ten Ways to Use Them.

Candied Jalapeños and Ten Ways to Use Them.

A Sweet Twist on a Spicy Classic

At Saltspring Kitchen, we believe in creating delicious products that are both sweet and savoury. We're not your traditional jam on toast brand, but smear almost any of our products on some fresh sourdough and you won't be disappointed. Our best-selling Candied Jalapeños are a perfect example of this philosophy.

We carefully craft each batch by hand, using only the freshest jalapeños and the highest quality ingredients. We receive fresh Jalapeños with varying degrees of spice, so there is some fluctuation in heat from batch to batch—part of the nature of handmade, small batches.

Our unique process involves slow-cooking the peppers in a sweet and tangy syrup, creating a perfectly balanced flavour profile that's sure to delight your taste buds. They're the perfect way to elevate the everyday and bring some heat to your favourite dishes.

The History and Origin of Jalapeños

Jalapeños have been a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine for centuries. These small, green peppers are named after the Mexican town of Xalapa, where they were first cultivated, before it was Mexico. They've been a part of the country's cuisine for centuries, and are the most commonly used pepper in Mexico, and around the world today.

Jalapeños are a member of the Capsicum annuum family of peppers, which also includes bell peppers, cayenne peppers, and chili peppers. They're typically harvested when they're still green, but can also be left to ripen and turn red.

Jalapeños are known for their heat, but they also have a unique flavour that makes them a versatile ingredient in a wide range of dishes. They can be used fresh, roasted, or pickled, and they add a kick to everything from eggs to guacamole.

The Scoville Scale

When it comes to measuring the heat of peppers, the Scoville scale is the most widely used system. The scale was created by Wilbur Scoville in 1912 and is based on the amount of capsaicin, the chemical compound that gives peppers their heat. The scale ranges from 0 (no heat) to over 2 million (extremely hot).

Jalapeños are considered a medium-heat pepper, ranking between 2,500 and 8,000 on the Scoville scale. Our Candied Jalapeños have a little bit of heat, but the sweetness of the syrup helps to balance out the spice.

But jalapeños aren't just for savoury dishes. They can also be used in sweet dishes, and candied jalapeños are a perfect example. Cooking jalapeños in a sweet syrup, balances their natural heat, creating a flavour-packed ingredient that can be used in all kinds of dishes.

At Saltspring Kitchen, we use only the freshest jalapeños. We cook them in a syrup made from sugar, apple cider vinegar, and spices, until they're perfectly candied. The result is a delicious ingredient that adds a new dimension to any dish.

Whether you're using them as a topping for burgers or pizzas, mixing them into salsas or sauces, or adding them to sweet desserts, candied jalapeños are a versatile ingredient that can take your cooking to the next level.

Ten Ways To Use Candied Jalapeños

Here are ten delicious ways to use our Candied Jalapeños:

  1. Add them to a charcuterie board.
  2. Top your favourite pizza with for a delicious kick.
  3. Use them to add some heat to your favourite stir-fry dish.
  4. Mix them into your favourite salsa recipe for a sweet and spicy twist.
  5. Add them to your favourite BBQ sauce for a little extra heat.
  6. Top a grilled cheese sandwich with Candied Jalapeños for a flavour explosion.
  7. Use them to add some spice to your mac and cheese.
  8. Mix them into a creamy dip for a unique flavour combination.
  9. Add them to a breakfast sandwich for a bold start to your day.
  10. Sprinkle them on top of ice cream for a sweet and spicy treat.

Candied Jalapeños are a delicious ingredient that can add a sweet and spicy kick to a wide range of dishes. From savoury meals to sweet treats, the possibilities are endless. With their perfect balance, our sliced Candied Jalapeños or relish version, are sure to become a new favourite ingredient in your kitchen.

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