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The Ultimate SaltSpring Kitchen Co. Gift Guide

Celebrating Small, Woman-Owned Businesses and Quality Food Producers.

gifts have always been our jam

Gourmet Gifts for Foodies Who Love to Eat, Cook, and Entertain.

Explore the collection from single jars starting at $12, like best-sellers Hot Mango Spicy Pepper Spread or Onion & Thyme Savoury Spread. Or give them something new and seasonal.

Our popular box sets are $25 - $30, and we have seasonal gourmet gift boxes and themed bundles. There's something special for every taste, occasion, and budget.

Gifts have always been our jam. You may've discovered us in gift guides from edibleMagazine, Chatelaine, Breakfast Television, Curiocity, or others.

Our products are carried by hundreds of gift and specialty shops across Canada. If you prefer to shop locally, find one of our retailers, or visit our Tasting Room on Salt Spring Island.

Woman-Owned & Family Run

Small Business & Community Growth

Our small jam factory represents our commitment to local manufacturing, fostering innovation, and job creation. Our favourite goal is to be the best employer in our community.

For friends, family, and corporate

Box Sets, Single Jars, or a Jam-Packed Bundle.

Give them something they'll love that

Lasts Longer Than Fruit Baskets

sweeten the blow

Can't be there for a special day?

Send them some of our gourmet goodies. FaceTime and coffee hangs are almost as good as being there. Almost.

New around here? We bundled up just for you.

Gift Shopping, Made Easy

Our bundles combine classics, best sellers, seasonal jars, and hot sauces. We've bundled up options to make it easier for you, for the different styles of food and drink lovers in your life.

They're curated towards a specific use, but our products are versatile; they're great on cheese, charcuterie, baked goods, sandwiches, and more.

If you see anything that's out of stock, join our email club for re-stock notices.

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  • Sweet & Spicy, On Ice
    For creative drink lovers and mixologists who like sweet and spicy. Comes with glassware. Adventurous and versatile for both spirited and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Savoury Cocktail & Spritzer Collection
    For sophisticated entertainers and cocktail enthusiasts who like savoury flavours. Comes with glassware. Elegant and savory, perfect for refined tastes.

  • Sparkling Gems
    For adventurous cooks and those who love vibrant, Instagram-worthy dishes. Colourful, bold, and visually stunning.

  • Jam-Packed Bundle
    For ultimate food enthusiasts who love variety. A grand tour of flavours, from sweet to spicy, covering every culinary corner.
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With thanks from Melanie & the crew.

As we grow and spread the word about elevating the everyday, we're grateful for the community that supports us.

Nestled in the heart of a serene island, SaltSpring Kitchen Co. is a story of passion, community, and craftsmanship. As a woman-led company, we're pioneering a manufacturing facility to expand our horizons, strengthen our local economy and offer quality jobs in our small island community.

Our approach may not include door-crasher specials or daily emails, but it's rooted in a genuine love for creating something unique. Each purchase from our small island community is a step towards nurturing this ethos, celebrating the art of slow living, and savouring special moments.

You reinforce so much when you support small, woman-owned businesses and quality food producers.

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