Frequently Asked Questions



Are your products gluten-free?

Most! All of our products are gluten-free except for our Charcuterie Mustard, which contains barley in the ale.


Where can I find your products?

Our full collection is available here in our online shop, and for local stores to satisfy your cravings more quickly, check our store locator here.


How can I find out which stores have the product I’m looking for?

Every store carries a unique selection of our products. Some carry our whole line while others carry different selections. If you're looking for something specific, it best to call ahead to make sure they have what you are looking for. 


Are you open to the public?

Yes! come visit our retail space at The Jam Factory at 319 Upper Ganges Road on Salt Spring Island, BC. You can find details or get in touch here.


Can I fly with your preserves?

If you're checking a bag, you can take as many jars home as you like. They're considered liquid, so not permitted in the cabin. Both our regular jars (270 mL) and small jars (125 mL) are higher than the 100 mL allowed in a carry-on. The only product you may take into the cabin is our Mini Winter trio as each jar is 37 mL.