Lauren Toyota for Salt Spring Kitchen Company portrait in the kitchen eating chocolate desserts

Spread the Love: Why Lauren Toyota of hot for food Is Our Jam.

Lauren Toyota, A Culinary Voice for Vegan Lifestyles

Lauren Toyota, a passionate advocate and a creative force in plant-based cuisine, is at the heart of the vibrant vegan food scene. Our team met Lauren at the Planted vegan food show in Vancouver this past May. There, she captivated the audience, not just with her culinary expertise but also her sense of humour and the warmth and authenticity she brings to the table.

The Culinary Art of Veganism

Lauren's journey in vegan cooking is beautifully captured in her latest cookbook, hot for food all day, a treasure trove of plant-based recipes for everyday cooking. If video is more your thing, Lauren's a total blast to watch. Her YouTube channels are an endless source of entertainment and inspiration for vegans and anyone looking to add more plant-based dishes to their repertoire. Check her out at hot for food, and Lauren Toyota.

With two acclaimed cookbooks, a deep library of recipes and resources on her blog, and her EAT IT private membership for exclusive recipes and videos, she's got everything needed for vegan inspiration. She also hosts vegan travel adventures to destinations like Italy, Greece, and Morocco. The food and scenery look fantastic. Her next trip is the Magic of Morocco, coming up in the spring of 2024. You can also find her on instagram at @laurentoyota, and @hotforfood.

Embracing Plant-Forward Living

Our partnership with Lauren Toyota celebrates our commitment to vegan-friendly choices. At SaltSpring Kitchen, we've noticed a growing curiosity about vegan options, particularly pairing our jams and spreads with plant-based dishes. Our team, nestled on a small rural island rich in farming and fresh produce, takes pride in crafting products that predominantly cater to vegan preferences.

Though a few exceptions exist in our range, such as our wine-infused preserves and honey-infused mustard, we are happy to support a plant-forward lifestyle. You can shop our Vegan Collection here. Lauren's EAT IT community members are entered to win one of two jam-packed SaltSpring Kitchen Co. prize packs she's giving away on December 31st.

"I love this Canadian woman-owned brand. The flavour combos are incredible and they make beautiful gifts too. If you want to get a head start on shopping you can check out the Vegan Collection and start with my favourites, Candied Jalapeños, Onion & Thyme Savoury Spread, and Raspberry & Rose Spread."

A Journey Shared

Lauren's personal story is as diverse as her recipes. A familiar face from her hosting days on Much Music, she now navigates the vibrant streets of LA, a city filled with vegan restaurants and dishes. Her life, shared candidly through her online platforms, showcases her journey as a vegan chef, a cookbook author, a mother, and a true embodiment of an honest, approachable lifestyle advocate.

Lauren Toyota for Salt Spring Kitchen Company portrait in the backyard serving a salad and shortcakes

Joining Hands with Lauren Toyota, Vegan Chef and Cookbook Author

As we continue to spread the love with folks we admire, we hope you enjoy connecting to Lauren Toyota, your guide to all things vegan. If you're considering bringing more plant-focused meals into your life, delve into the wealth of knowledge Lauren offers. Her journey reminds us all of the possibilities that vegan cuisine holds. Add Lauren's cookbooks and our spreads to your vegan kitchen, and your avocado toast will never be the same. Same goes for cheesy jokes.

Lauren Toyota for Salt Spring Kitchen Company portrait on the couch with cookbook hot for food all day

Photography by Vanessa Heins and Robin Gartner.

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