SaltSpring Kitchen Company (J)archives

We're always thinking about new and creative flavours here at the Jam Factory, and sometimes we retire a jar to the archives to make room for something new or seasonal. Sometimes they come out of the (J)archives, sometimes they're gone for good.

You may still find them in your local specialty retailer, or have been given a jar as a gift, so here you can search recipes connected to them, or get inspired with pairing ideas. Check our New & Seasonal Collection for what's in stock now.

Jam Sisters

Sunny's Apricot, Raspberry, Orange & Vanilla.

Our Founder Melanie created this exclusive, limited-edition flavour with her sister Robyn. Robyn is the Chef de Cuisine and Manager at Sunny's Modern Diner in Kelowna, BC and she wanted a delicious and unique fruit spread to offer their breakfast crowd.

Join our email club to know when it's back in stock - likely Spring 2025.

Seasonal Favourite

Winter Wonder Jam

We love this flavour, and it's our best selling seasonal jar. If you got it for Christmas or stocked up while it was available, we hope you enjoy it deep into winter. Check our recipes for ideas like Christmas Crème Brûlée, or smear it on thick sourdough. Join our email club to know when it's back in stock in the Fall. Keep your jars clean in the fridge and make sure it keeps a little longer, and savour it slowly.

Holiday star preserve

Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port

An annual favourite, watch for this flavour every late-Fall. Enjoy it year-round by stocking up and keeping your jar clean when you do open it. Check our recipes for ideas on how to use it, and join our email club to know when it's back in stock in the Fall.

Gift Box

Winter Collection

The Winter Collection is your ticket to a flavour-packed winter. For hosting a festive gathering or enjoying a quiet meal by the fire, these spreads are the secret ingredients to a memorable meal. And they make exceptional gifts for the food lover in your life. 

Gift Box

Jelly Of The Month Club

We pitched this idea to Melanie, and we were so glad she went for it. Our customers loved this box over the holiday season in 2023, so we hope to see it again in 2024.

Channeling the spirit of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, this bundle is our cheeky nod to Clark Griswold's infamous holiday surprise.

Trio box

Sweet & Sassy Collection

A long time favourite, we've moved this collection to the (J)archives with the retirement of Sparkling Apricot, and now you can try our newest box set, the Sweet Collection.

fruit spread

Sparkling Apricot & Pink Peppercorn

Retired to the (J)archives, watch for new apricot flavours in the spring and summer, we love apricot and often have seasonal creations.

The sweetness of the apricot is balanced with the floral notes of the pink peppercorn, and the sparkling wine takes it to the next level. Pairs with fresh Chèvre, Brie, Ricotta, toast, scones, as a glaze or in frosting.

spicy pepper spread

Apricot & Habanero

Retired to the (J)archives in summer 2023, watch for seasonal creations with apricot in the spring and summer.

Preserving the fresh sweetness of apricots, we combine them with habanero peppers to create a fresh, fruity and lightly spiced pepper spread that pairs beautifully with dairy and plant-based cheeses.

Mini jars

Cheese Please Collection

A winter 2022 collection, watch for new releases in our seasonal collections.

Add these mini jars of preserves to your bag and elevate your food on the go. Take them in your carry on, and leave mediocre food at the gate. Sparkling beverages not included. A perfect gift for any cheese lover or sandwich fanatic.


Meyer Lemon & Lavender

Retired now, but you can find a Peach & Lavender in our new Sweet Trio Collection.

The sweetness of the Meyer Lemons builds a unique flavour profile. Pairs with fresh Chèvre, yogurt, scones, cocktails and cake.

spicy pepper spread

Cranberry & Pepper

Retired to the (J)archives, check out our seasonal favourites in the Fall for more cranberry creations.

Uniquely tart and spicy spread with rosemary. Pairs with Brie, Camembert and soft cheeses.

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