Turkey & Stuffing Glazed Meatballs

A Twist on Traditional Holiday Flavours

We've packed all the flavours of a turkey dinner into bite-sized treats. For holiday parties or as a unique dinner option, these meatballs blend turkey with classic sage and onion stuffing, glazed in our delicious Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve.

Easy Prep for Stress-Free Celebrations

Easily double the recipe for larger gatherings, and prepare ahead of time to keep your holiday festivities as relaxed as they are tasty. Uncooked meatballs freeze well, making them a fantastic make-ahead option.

A Mouthwatering Combination

Whether slow-cooked to perfection or baked to a caramelized finish, these meatballs are a festive delight on any holiday table. Serve these Turkey & Stuffing Glazed Meatballs at your next gathering, and enjoy the compliments as much as the flavours.

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