Salt Spring Kitchen Company Epic Charcuterie Board Guide

How to Build the Best Charcuterie Board for an Epic No-Cook Meal.

We've built some pretty epic boards over the years, and it's one of the most frequent ways we see our fans sharing their preserves online.

Here's our guide on building an epic board because sometimes you need a little creative inspiration. If you're new or into food photography, remember to experiment with different angles, lighting, and composition. Everything from close up shots to overhead, keep shooting to learn what you like. Eating your creation is also the most rewarding.

How to build the best charcuterie board for a perfect no-cook meal:

• Take your platters, boards, and any small dishes you love, out of the cupboards and select what you're going to use. No saving anything for "special occasions".

• To preserve the life of your SaltSpring Kitchen Co.'s jar contents, use a dedicated utensil for each jar to avoid cross-contamination.

• Use a mix of spicy, sweet, and savoury preserves. Add dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate to accompany your spread.

• Cut your veggies to use in multiple ways. Sticks for dipping, slices for layering on crackers or baguettes.

• Cut your dairy cheeses and leave them to come up to room temp or slightly cooler. You'll get more flavour this way. Create variety with small cubes and thin slices, leaving a portion of some blocks or wedges uncut for different textures and looks.

• Take your non-dairy cheeses out before serving, or check the packaging for instructions. They tend to be better colder. Have dedicated spreaders available for the softer options.

• Make up personal boards or a group spread, but keep in mind you probably need less than you think, best to replenish instead of waste.

• If you're using a board, shove things close together. It will look fuller and give you a great look if you're into that.

• For a rustic look, if you're doing a more spread out layout like on a table, lay down some Kraft paper or butcher paper, and use dishes or boards for each item or group of items. Use a Sharpie or felt pen to write out each item, so all the grazers know what's what.

• There are no rules! Try everything together, explore new flavour combinations, and don't worry about trying to make it look like a magazine cover. Our photos take hours to create, and we mean to inspire you, not make you feel like you need to spend $400 on cheese for three people.

The easiest way to enjoy most of our preserves is to crack the lid and grab a spreader.

If this all sounds like too much work, grab a jar, your favourite essentials like one cheese, smoked tofu, fish, or meat, and some crackers. Rejoice in not cooking, and check our recipe blog to find something great to drink alongside it.

We hope to elevate your night with our preserves, jams, and hot sauces. If you need to grab some preserves, order online, or find us in retailers across Canada. We LOVE seeing you share on social media. Be sure to tag us at @saltspringkitchenco on Instagram so we can share it.

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