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Fireside Après $130 - Only 5 left, for quiet afternoons, make fresh cookies, light a candle, and serve cheese and crackers on a beautiful wood serving board.

Slow Mornings $150 - Only 23 left, for cozy mornings, with fresh scones and jam, and someone who loves handmade ceramics.

Happy Hour $130 - Only 19 left, for someone who loves creative cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks, comes with glassware, infusion kit, and flavourful jams.

Island Foodie $150 - Sold out.

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Best jams, preserves, and hot sauces in your fridge since '12.

Gourmet condiments for the foodies, creative cooks, and entertainers. Made with all-natural, premium ingredients. A woman-owned, family-run business whose favourite goal is to be the best employer in our community.

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Salt Spring Kitchen Company Winter Wonder Jam with pinwheel scones

"Christmas in a bottle."

Love this jam and it reminds me so much of Christmas. Perfect for a charcuterie board or to put on bread/scones. Can’t recommend it enough! – Jeanine

"A luxury staple in our home."

First tasted this a couple of years ago and now rarely have a burger or sandwich in our home without this delicious spread. We are buying this by the dozen because we are going through one or two jars a month, especially in the summer. - Rob

Salt Spring Kitchen Co. featured in Eat Magazine
Salt Spring Kitchen Co. featured on Breakfast Television
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