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Five Ways to Use SaltSpring Kitchen Co. Products to Elevate your Everyday.

Feeling stuck in your favourite dishes and want to explore something new? Try new flavours or experiment with a new way to combine them.

We focus on creating unique flavours that surprise and delight. The easiest way to enjoy our products is to crack the lid and grab a spreader, but with food deep in our roots, we're always exploring new combinations and ways to use our products. Check out some of our favourite ways here to use our jams, preserves and hot sauces in your kitchen.

Five ways you can use SaltSpring Kitchen Co. to elevate your everyday:

  1. Cook with us as an ingredient. Our recipe blog is full of inspiration for you in sweet and savoury recipes, from dips to desserts.

  2. Enjoy drinks on ice or warm by the fire. Create new cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, or add a unique flavour and beautiful colour to an old favourite. Head to our site to find recipes, but don't be afraid to experiment!

  3. As a topping for your favourite dishes. Tandoori Chutney on the side of your favourite bowl, Onion & Thyme to top your potato and root vegetable soups, and of course, hot sauce on well, everything.

  4. Crack that lid and anchor your favourite sandwich, spread something unique on your favourite morning pastry, and give your charcuterie board a next-level companion. It doesn't get much easier.

  5. As a gift for anyone, for almost any occasion. Great to have on hand, full-size jars or our trio packs, we've been proud host, shower, birthday, valentine and work gifts since the start. We're a perfect option for a gift that wows under $25.

We share our home here on Salt Spring Island, off Canada's west coast, with so many inspiring Farmers, Producers and Chefs. It brings so much culinary inspiration, and we love helping to bring that into your kitchens.

So try a new dish or a new combination and let us know how it went!

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