Spread the Love: Why Tori Wesszer of Fraîche Living Is Our Jam.

Spread the Love: Why Tori Wesszer of Fraîche Living Is Our Jam.

Tori Wesszer is totally our jam.

CEO of Fraîche Living, a Registered Dietician, Recipe Developer and Mom, she has a passion for getting the whole family into the kitchen. If her website Fraîche Living is the main dish, her side dishes are Fraîche Table, a weekly meal plan program, Fraîche Start, her new wellness program, Fraîche Food, Full Hearts the cookbook, and her collaboration products like jewellery, footwear, rompers, and more.

Tori Wesszer with Fraîche Start for Salt Spring Kitchen

We met Tori on Instagram, where she shares her journey and her passion for healthy, delicious food.

She's a big supporter of women in business, her own team are all women as well. Her popular blog, Fraîche Living, has become a go-to resource for people looking for reliable recipes, inspiring stories, and a dose of positivity and encouragement.

Growing up in a family with Ukranian-Canadian women who love cooking, baking and gathering, Tori spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her Mom and Grandma as a kid. At home in Kelowna with her husband Charles and two young boys, Charlie and Max, she loves the abundance of fresh, local ingredients that are a hallmark of the Okanagan Valley. After completing a degree in nutrition, Tori began helping people make healthy choices and develop sustainable eating habits.

But Tori's true passion was always in the kitchen. In 2014, she launched Fraîche Living to share her recipes, tips, and stories with a bigger audience. Since then, her blog has become a beloved community of food lovers and wellness enthusiasts.

We love Tori for her commitment to supporting small brands and women in business. She frequently features products from female-owned brands on her blog and social media channels, giving them a platform to reach a wider audience. Using her platform to promote other women, Tori is helping to build a more equitable and supportive community for all.

Tori and her team's recipes are a highlight of Fraîche Living. They do such a great job testing, working to help folks at home avoid food waste, and including process photos and video. Her focus on healthy, seasonal ingredients means her recipes are both nourishing and delicious. From savoury breakfast bowls to hearty soups to decadent desserts, Tori's recipes are sure to inspire even the most reluctant cook.

We partnered with Tori and the team to create this recipe from our Hot Mango Spicy Pepper Spread. If you're craving sweet, spicy, and fraîche, you'll love this dish. Would work well with tofu or fish too.


Tori Wesszer at Fraîche Living, Hot Mango Spicy Pepper Spread chicken and mango rice bowl for Salt Spring Kitchen

In addition to her work as a recipe developer, Tori is also a dedicated mom to two boys. She shares glimpses of her family life on her social media channels, offering a relatable and authentic perspective on the joys and challenges of motherhood. Her positive attitude and commitment to self-care and wellness are an inspiration to her followers, who appreciate her honesty and openness. I mean, this babe is showing us how to cover our roots using box hair dye. She's keeping it real.

Tori Wesszer cooking with Max for Salt Spring Kitchen

If you love entertaining, you'll love her cookbook Fraîche Food, Full Hearts, co-written with her cousin Jillian Harris

It features over 100 recipes perfect for any occasion. Most have plant-based, gluten-free, and nut-free options as well, as is true for so many of her recipes. The book has been a hit and Tori is currently working on a second cookbook set to be released in September.

Tori Wesszer is a true force for good in the food and wellness world. Her dedication to supporting women in business, creating delicious and healthy recipes, and fostering a positive and encouraging community is truly inspiring. Whether you're looking for a new recipe to try or a dose of inspiration, Fraîche Living and Tori's work is definitely worth checking out. 

Tori Wesszer for Salt Spring Kitchen
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