The Ultimate Guide to Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gifts, Foodie Edition.

What warms our hearts even more than Candied Jalapeños is how many customers give our products as gifts. If a jar under the tree is how you ended up here, or you're looking for new gift ideas for folks who love to eat, drink, and entertain, welcome.

The Ultimate Guide to Heartfelt Valentine's Day Gifts, Foodie Edition.

What warms our hearts even more than Candied Jalapeños is how many customers give our products as gifts. If a jar under the tree is how you ended up here, or you're looking for new gift ideas for folks who love to eat, drink, and entertain, welcome to our Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Valentine's Day is synonymous with love, affection, and giving cards and gifts. We celebrate many relationships, and the classic bouquet of roses or box of chocolates only sometimes captures the vibe of our unique connections. Our gift-giving style is that any occasion you feel like showing appreciation to someone is a worthy cause, and it doesn't have to break the bank.

So, if you're looking for something as unique and flavourful as your bond, you can build a package with our jars. From $12 - $25, we have individual jars and bottles, trio box sets, and seasonal gourmet gift boxes up to $150. From gourmet spreads that elevate a simple cheese board to spicy hot sauces that add a kick to any dinner, this Valentine's Day Gift Guide is your ticket to a memorable Valentine's Day filled with food, good company, and unique gifts.


For the Foodie in Your Life, A Culinary Adventure

Unique Jams and Gourmet Spreads, The Cheese Lover's Dream

Help any budding home chef (or seasoned pro) transform even a quick cheese board into an elevated culinary experience. You can do just that with our selection of gourmet spreads, from our Spicy Pepper Spreads or our Onion & Thyme Savoury Spread.

These spreads pair perfectly with everything from a creamy brie to an aged cheddar. Whether your Valentine is a fan of local, imported, or plant-based cheese, these spreads will elevate their cheese board to a new level. If your cheese lover is gluten-free or vegan, we made it easy to find something for them. Most of our products are available to each group (yay!).


Salt Spring Kitchen Company Savoury Spreads Spicy Tomato and Onion Thyme with cheese and crackers on a serving board and plate

The Romantic Dinner for Two, Spice It Up

If you love to cook together, it's all about the experience, laughter, and love. Take your romantic dinner to the next level this Valentine's Day with our signature Hot Sauce Collection. Drizzle these sauces over your favourite dishes (or find something new in our recipe library) to share those warm, spicy moments that become cherished memories. If cooking together is not your idea of a romantic way to spend the evening, order your favourite takeout, and we'll never tell. Hot sauce goes great in cocktails, too.


Salt Spring Kitchen Company gourmet spreads being used in cocktails by a couple outside

Gifts from the Heart, Thoughtful, Delicious, and Unforgettable

Are you searching for a big Valentine's gift that stands out? Our gourmet gift boxes are curated with our finest spreads, jams, and hot sauces. Perfect for foodies, entertainers, and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, these gift boxes are a thoughtful and delicious way to show your affection. Check out our current offerings here; they work for colleagues, family, friends, and sweethearts of all types.


Salt Spring Kitchen Company Themed Gift Box Slow Mornings with woman holding a mug of tea

The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide, or The Express Lane

This past Black Friday, we launched a new Gift Guide on our website, designed to make your gift shopping experience seamless and enjoyable. Whether you're looking for Valentine's ideas, unique gifts year-round for foodies, or something special for the home bartender, our Gift Guide has got you covered. We'll update it throughout the year with fresh ideas, and it's available to help you if you need to familiarize yourself with our brand and products.

And for those of you loyal fans who are leaving reviews like "We need this in one-gallon sizes, please!" (you're amazing, by the way) who know exactly what you want, our new Express Lane page features every product we offer, allowing you to scroll, add to cart, and check out quickly. It's our way of ensuring that your gift-giving experience is as easy to do as the gifts themselves are to enjoy. We ship to their door across Canada and the US, with free shipping in Canada on orders $100+.


Is Shopping Local Your Jam?

We invite you to our tasting room; it opened in July 2023 and always has that new jam smell. We stock all our products, a selection of local and imported dairy and plant-based cheeses, other provisions that round out that perfect cheese board, snacks, and the best jam merch you've ever seen. You'll find handmade ceramic mugs and tumblers, great quality shirts, hoodies, toques, handmade ceramics by our Founder Melanie, and more. Save room in your trunk, backpack, or pannier for the delicious goods from our neighbours, too. Visit Francis Bread, The Woodshed Provisions, and Maverick Frozen Treats while you're here. Check here for our opening hours.

If you're not on Salt Spring Island, we're thrilled to be carried in hundreds of small shops across Canada. From lifestyle shops, kitchen stores, and speciality grocery retailers to some of the bigger grocery chains in the West, head to our store locator to find someone near you. Only some stores carry the full lineup, so please call ahead if you want something specific.


Saltspring Kitchen Company Tasting Room - interior with people

Celebrate Every Kind of Love

Valentine's Day is not just for couples; it's whatever you make it, and we like to celebrate all forms of love. This day, the love between friends, the deep bond with family members, or the affection you hold for yourself is an opportunity to express love in its many forms. Let's celebrate every kind of love with gifts as diverse and unique as our cherished relationships. Everyone is welcome at our table.

Salt Spring Kitchern Company Neon Peace Love Jam with woman eating jam

Beyond the Bouquet

Step beyond the traditional bouquet and box of chocolates this Valentine's Day. Embrace the opportunity to create new traditions, share unique gifts, and celebrate the love that surrounds us in all its forms. Our sweet trio collection is a delicious way to give roses and lavender in edible form. With our gourmet spreads, hot sauces, and curated gift boxes, you have everything you need to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable, starting at $12. Say "I love you" with a gift that's as thoughtful, delicious, and unique as your love.

Peace, Love & Jam

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