Short and Sweet Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Celebrate Mother's Day in great taste

Mother's Day is a special opportunity to show appreciation for all the mother figures in our lives: Moms, Stepmoms, Grandmas, or favourite Aunts.

SaltSpring Kitchen Company is here to help you convey your love and gratitude with food, a perfect way to make any Mother's Day memorable.

Short and Sweet Mother's Day Gift Guide.

Brighten Her Day with Our Sweet Collection

Our Sweet Collection will please almost any palate, making it a perfect gift for a day dedicated to Mom. Wow her with flavours like Sunny's Apricot, Raspberry, Orange & Vanilla Fruit Spread

The preserved summer bounty of apricots, raspberries, and oranges, with a subtle but aromatic vanilla, is perfect on almost any breakfast plate. It tastes like an Okanagan-inspired creamsicle. It is exclusively available here in our online shop, the Tasting Room, and at Sunny's a Modern Diner in Kelowna, BC. 

Our Blueberry & Basil Fruit Spread is an elevated version of a more conventional blueberry jam. It's fantastic with morning toast, pastries, or a fancy cheese platter. These flavours are a great way to savour rich, natural flavours of summer fruits with a unique twist.


Limited Edition Mother's Day Gift Box

Our Limited Edition Mother's Day Gift Box is curated to create moments of joy and indulgence for the incredible mom in your life. This beautifully packaged gift box features two exclusive new jars, handmade ceramics, and some of our favourite products from other small food brands. It's ready to make any mom feel cherished.


SaltSpring Kitchen Company Limited Edition Mother's Day Gift Box contents of preserves, honey, tea and ceramics on a blanket outside

Savoury and Spicy for Moms With A Zest For Life

Not every mom has a sweet tooth, and for those who prefer zest and zing, our savoury and spicy options are just the right gift. Our trio box sets are $25, and offer a variety of flavours in sets of Sweet, Savoury, Spicy or Hot Sauces.  

If she's a big fan of adding spice to her meals, cheese boards, charcuterie spreads, or even her breakfast, we've got something delicious for her. Our unique spreads and hot sauces offer a great balance of heat and flavour. Candied Jalapeños, Spicy Tomato, Hot Mango, and Raspberry & Habanero are customer favourites.


SaltSpring Kitchen Company Crab Cake Eggs Benny dish with small jars of preserves from the Gourmet Burger Collection Trio Box


Give Experiences This Mother's Day

At SaltSpring Kitchen, we love giving experiences that elevate the everyday and bring joy. Consider giving some of our products or gift boxes this Mother's Day to create a shared experience.  

Start her day with breakfast in bed! 

Make up a tray with our sweet spreads, her favourite pancakes or pastries (prepare
beforehand; don't leave her home alone while you "run out" for a few hours), and her favourite morning beverage. 


Salt Spring Kitchen Company Breakfast in bed with Blueberry Basil Preserve


Host a brunch or dinner with family.

Make a special brunch or dinner using our spicy or savoury spreads as unique sidekicks, or the stars of the show with dishes like Gourmet Jam-Filled Doughnuts or a Crab Cake Benny. Check our recipe selection for great ideas and ways to incorporate some of her favourite meals or flavours into the big day.


Salt Spring Kitchen Company Peach and Pepper Spicy Peppe Spread with summer picnic table


Invite her girlfriends over for lunch or game night.

Get all the supplies for an Epic Charcuterie Spread, make some batched drinks like Mezcal Caesars or Jammy Iced Tea. Shop for, prepare, and lay out everything ahead so she doesn't have to lift a finger. Tell her girlfriends to bring their favourite appy or beverage, and leave them to enjoy an afternoon or evening in each other's company—bonus points for starting her favourite playlist and lighting a few candles. Just not the "good" ones she's saving. We're just looking out for you.


SaltSpring Kitchen Company Mother's Day Gift Guide - Carrot Tartine on a plate with Peach and Pepper Spicy Pepper Spread


Take a hike!

For the outdoor mom, pack a lunch, some delicious drinks, and maybe a prepared cheeseboard. Pack up the kids and take the fam to her favourite outdoor spot. Take a hike, head to the beach, the park, or her favourite friend's backyard. A day outside with a personal touch to make her feel loved and appreciated.


Salt Spring Kitchen Company Charcuterie Mustard and Potato Salad picnic scene


Send a Gift Card.

If you're not sure what flavours mom would love or if you want to give her the fun of choosing for herself, a SaltSpring Kitchen Co. gift card is a great solution. It's a thoughtful way to show you care, and it doesn't miss any shipping deadlines. She can pick anything she's curious to try.


SaltSpring Kitchen Company Mother's Day Gift Guide - A woman eating Raspberry Habanero Spicy Peppe Spread out of the jar

Celebrating Every Mother Figure

Mother's Day is about honouring all the women who significantly impact our lives. This year, make sure to acknowledge everyone, whether it's a biological mom, a stepmom, a beloved grandmother, your best friend's mom, or an aunt who's always been there for you.

Our range of products and the heartfelt experiences they can create are perfect for showing these incredible women just how much they mean to us.

From sweet flavours to savoury spreads, foodie gift boxes to gift cards, we have everything to make her day special. Celebrate the day with flavour, love, and the joy of a meal shared.

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