Gourmet Jam-Filled Doughnuts

Dive into the sheer joy of homemade jam-filled doughnuts, stuffed with your favourite flavours from SaltSpring Kitchen Co. This recipe turns a handful of simple ingredients into an irresistible treat, filled with our unique gourmet jams that are perfect for any sweet occasion.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

These doughnuts are a blank canvas for your culinary creativity. While we love them with anything from our sweet collection, try something with a kick, like our Spicy Pepper Spreads, for adventurous foodies. Experiment with Hot Mango, Peach & Pepper, or Raspberrey & Habanero for a unique twist.

Simple Steps to Doughnut Delight

Making doughnuts at home is easier than you may think! From mixing the soft, cinnamon-spiced dough to the sugary finish, each step is straightforward and fun. Fry them to a perfect golden hue and stuff them with a burst of flavour from our gourmet preserves for that ultimate wow factor.

Perfect for Every Sweet Setting

These gourmet jam-filled doughnuts are ready to steal the show at brunch, be the talk of the dessert table, or elevate your everyday coffee break. SaltSpring Kitchen Co. small-batch jams make them stand out, and they're ready to dazzle your guests. These easy-to-make, totally delicious gourmet doughnuts promise to bring a bit of joy and a lot of flavour to any day.

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