Tandoori Chutney

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An Exquisite Fusion of Tradition and Taste

Our Tandoori Chutney celebrates the vibrant and diverse flavours of Indian cuisine. This hidden gem in our collection is a favourite of our Founder and Sauce Boss, Melanie. Every jar unlocks a world of aromas and tastes, a new favourite for any culinary explorer. Twist open a jar and let it transport you to a vibrant world of flavour.

Diverse and Rich Flavour Palette

Experience the tangy zest of ripe tomatoes, the luscious sweetness of mangoes, and the depth of an eleven spice blend. The gentle heat from jalapeños blends with the subtle sweetness of raisins; the zing of lemon juice and ginger adds layers of complexity. This chutney dances on the palate, offering a dynamic, spicy-sweet experience.

Transform Your Meals

Versatility is the soul of our Tandoori Chutney. It elevates everyday dishes:

  • Swirl it into soups and curries for added depth
  • Spread it on a crusty baguette for a quick appetizer
  • Pair it with aged Cheddar for a bold twist
  • Liven up a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Accentuate the flavours in grilled chicken or pork
  • Make your samosas and butter chicken pizza even more irresistible

Culinary Inspiration from the Heart of India

Chutneys hold a special place in Indian cuisine, often used to balance flavours and textures in a meal. Tandoori cooking, originating from the Indian subcontinent, is renowned for using a clay oven (tandoor), which imparts a distinctive charred flavour.

Why You'll Love Tandoori Chutney:

  • A unique blend of traditional tandoori spices and the sweet tang of chutney
  • Enriches and complements a variety of dishes
  • A delightful fusion of sweet, spicy, and rich flavours
  • An adventurous addition to your culinary repertoire
  • Crafted with high-quality ingredients
  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Celebrate the Richness of Indian Flavours

Inspired by some of our favourite Indian dishes, this chutney combines the traditional tandoori cooking style known for its tantalizing spices with the art of chutney-making, a staple in Indian gastronomy known for its ability to bring dishes to life with bursts of flavour.

270 ml | Refrigerate after opening and savour within 90 days.


Tomatoes, mangoes, brown sugar, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, onions, jalapeños, raisins, lemon juice, ginger, mustard seeds, and tandoori spice. Contains mustard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Donna Grenier
Tandoori Chutney

Awesome flavour…….refreshing with a nice bite!!! Works on crackers, cheese, meat….you name it!

Thanks Donna! This is one of Melanie's (our Sauce Boss) favourites, and we feel it's a bit of a hidden gem in our line up. So happy you discovered it. Thanks for sharing, we're glad you found so many ways to use it!

Andrea Bell
Tandoori Chutney is a hit

We tried this one last year for the first time with tortiere- absolutely delicious! It’s also great with pork roast.




Love this one too! It has a lovely flavour. Tandoori spice, but not too overwhelming!
Like it on my eggs, but cheese and crackers, pierogis, whatever is going!

Sharon Oliver
Oh, so good

Love your Tandoori Chutney! It’s a little different, a little spicy, so good with pork, and pate on crackers that otherwise can be plain and dry. So happy I can purchase your products in Cochrane, Alberta.

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