Candied Jalapeños

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Our Best Selling Jar, Your New Favourite Ingredient

Candied Jalapeños are your secret weapon in the kitchen. Add them to your favourite dishes, from tacos and sandwiches to omelettes and pizzas, to experience a perfect blend of sweetness and heat. Each batch is handcrafted using the freshest jalapeños and the finest quality ingredients.

Uniquely Curated, Exceptionally Preserved

At SaltSpring Kitchen Co., we pride ourselves on crafting delicious, sweet, and savoury products that break away from the ordinary. Our philosophy is simple: almost anything can become a culinary showstopper with the right twist.

Handcrafted Excellence

Our commitment to quality means that the heat level may vary slightly from batch to batch, embracing the artistry of small-batch production while ensuring each jar meets our high standards. Our unique preparation method involves slow-cooking fresh jalapeños in a sweet, tangy syrup until they're perfectly candied.

Why You'll Love Our Candied Jalapeños:

  • A delicious blend of sweet and spicy in every bite
  • Endlessly versatile – perfect for a wide range of dishes and culinary creations
  • Elevate tons of recipes like our Spicy Potato Chickpea Burger or Mezcal Caesar Cocktails
  • Also available in a relish version
  • Crafted with premium, high-quality ingredients
  • Bursting with flavour, a must-try for any foodie
  • A unique gift for any occasion
  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free

Endless Versatility for Candied Jalapeños

Add them to your favourite pizza, stir-fry, salsa, BBQ sauce, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, creamy dips, breakfast sandwiches, and even as a topping for ice cream – the possibilities are endless. Learn more about this delicious pepper in our popular blog post.

270 ml | Refrigerate after opening and savour within 90 days


Jalapeños, cane sugar, apple cider vinegar, and spices.

270 ml | Refrigerate after opening and enjoy its vibrant flavour within 90 days.

Customer Reviews

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Bonny Braden
The Best Ever!!!

I adore your candied Jalapenos!! I've had others, but yours are simply the finest!! I eat them with eggs in the morning, on my sandwich at lunch and at dinner with my burrito!!! I just wish there were more places that carried your stellar goods here in Saskatoon! I checked with the Pitchfork Market and they say they're going to contact you. Dutch Growers greenhouse carries your products but not the candied jalapenos?? So I don't get that!! They carry your jams which I'm sure are awesome but I'm looking more for charcuterie elements since that's my favorite and that's what I give for gifts. So I love your savory and hot products more. The Berry Barn used to carry your products but it was very low on stock last time I checked so I ordered direct from you which I was very happy with - your packaging is excellent and everything came very quickly so I could give it for Xmas gifts :) I am yours forever now!!! Thank you! And I love the recipes you send via email, that is so fun!!! Have you ever thought of making a superb antipasto? I can't even imagine how good yours would be!!! I'll be watching for it LOL take good care, again thanks, I love your products!! Best I've had!!!

Bonny! This is AMAZING. Thank you for taking the time to ask for us in your favourite local shops, this is really the best way to help small brands that you love. You're throwing down all the compliments here, for our products, our emails.. this totally made my morning, and I've just sent your kind words around to our whole team. So appreciated, especially this time of the year when things are so busy. If you want more flavours to try with charcuterie, I'd suggest Hot Mango, Raspberry & Habanero, Onion & Thyme, and Apple & Fig for a great variety of flavour. I made a great spread last night with all but Raspberry, and it's my favourite combination. Thanks so much for ordering, I'm glad to hear everything arrived and was a delight, it was a very full November over here at the Jam Factory. Ohhhh.. we'll have to add antipasto to the list of recipe ideas, thank you! We have lots of new recipes coming soon, so stay tuned. Truly thank you so much, it's not very often someone compliments EMAIL, and you have totally made our day. THANK YOU! -- Chantal & the whole team


Seriously one of my favorite foods of all time, it belongs on everything and in every fridge! The sweet and spicy is delightful and perfectly balanced, in short, order them!

It's a toss-up

...between the whole jalapeños and the relish! Both are so good in different ways, but the whole version was my first taste of this preserve and remains my favourite. It goes amazingly well with crackers and cheese, it goes well as a garnish, and it goes well with a spoon eaten straight from the jar!

Candied Jalapeños

If you like jalapeños, you will really enjoy these candied jalapeños on a burger, a sandwich a cracker or on their own.


Delicious! Excellent flavour. Goes well with different cheeses and meats too.

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Are your products vegan? (Most!)

Yes! Just about everything is. With the exception of our Apple & Fig Spread, Charcuterie Mustard, and Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve.

Are your products gluten-free? (Just about everything is!)

Everything is gluten-free except Charcuterie Mustard, the ale we use here contains barley.

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Most orders ship within one or two business days, a few extra days are sometimes needed during a big sale. We're a small team.

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We're on a small island in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. West coast vibes for days.

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Premium + natural whole ingredients

Uniquely Curated. Exceptionally Preserved.

Woman-owned and family run

Handmade on Salt Spring Island

Our little jam factory started in Melanie's kitchen in 2012. We've grown into our full scale production kitchen and warehouse, and in the summer of 2023, we opened a Tasting Room.

Our small team is now more than a dozen people, and our favourite goal is to be the best employer in our small island community.

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  • As a glaze or marinade
  • In baking (we love them in stuffed cookies)
  • As a yogurt or ice cream topping
  • In sauces and salad dressings
  • In cocktails and beverages for new depth of flavour
  • As a filling for crepes, pies, and pastries
Pairs well with ice

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