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A Culinary Celebration of Flavour

Dive into a cornucopia of flavours with our Jam-Packed 16-jar and bottle bundle. It's your invitation to embark on a culinary adventure that spans sweet, savoury, and spicy realms. This unique collection is a mosaic of spreads, preserves, and hot sauces to be shared, savoured, and gifted to kindred spirits who appreciate the art of gastronomy. Included in this bundle are five box sets, made up of 3 x 118ml bottles of hot sauce, and 12 x 125ml jars, and one 270ml jar of spreads, preserves, and more.

Unleash the Feast: Perfect for Winter Delights and Beyond

Imagine a winter feast by the glow of a crackling fire, where a symphony of exceptional flavours elevates every dish. Our 16-jar bundle is your ticket to creating memorable moments around the table, whether hosting a grand holiday gathering or enjoying a quiet evening for two. And for the food lover in your life, this bundle is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, or break it up and use it for those spontaneous moments of appreciation.

You get in this bundle:

Spicy Tomato x 2 Hot Mango
Candied Jalapeño Relish Raspberry & Habanero
Charcuterie Mustard Peach & Pepper
Raspberry & Rose Habanero + Curry + Orange
Peach & Lavender Pineapple + Turmeric + Achiote
Blueberry & Basil Morita + Espresso + Chipotle
Rhubarb & Apple Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port
Onion & Thyme Candied Jalapeños

Why You'll Love The Jam-Packed Bundle:

  • A celebration of our diverse and enchanting flavours
  • A variety of distinctive flavours, each with a unique twist
  • Offers sweet, savoury, and spicy options
  • Perfect for bakers, foodies, and culinary enthusiasts
  • Ideal items to have on hand for gifts in the sets or individually
  • Elevates everything from cheese platters to cocktails
  • Versatile as ingredients for dressings and sauces for your favourite dishes
  • A thoughtful and stunning gift for foodies, home cooks, and seasoned entertainers
  • Crafted with high-quality, all-natural ingredients
  • Gluten-Free and Vegan (except Charcuterie Mustard, it contains barley in the ale, and honey)
  • Includes shipping in Canada

The Ultimate Foodie Gift, a Jam-Packed Bundle For Gathering

A celebration of the art of gastronomy, pack your fridge for the season or give it to your favourite foodie. A diverse culinary assortment with our Jam-Packed 16-jar and bottle bundle, a mosaic of sweet, savoury, and spicy delights perfect for sharing, savouring, and gifting. Elevate your fall feasts and everyday meals.

Refrigerate after opening and savour within 90 days.


Absolutely delicious.


From brunch to happy hour, there's no dish, drink, or snack this bundle can't elevate.


Complete ingredients can be found on each product page. Sorry to do that to you but it would be pretty long winded to show them all in this little space. Most are gluten-free and vegan, a few contain mustard. All the ingredients are on each package for the recipient.

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Where can I get it today? (So many places!)

Check our store locator or visit our Tasting Room on Salt Spring Island.

Are your products vegan? (Most!)

Yes! Just about everything is vegan. With the exception of our Apple & Fig Spread, Charcuterie Mustard, and Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve.

Are your products gluten-free? (Just about everything is!)

Everything is gluten-free except Charcuterie Mustard, the ale we use here contains barley.

How fast is shipping? Is is free? (It's pretty fast and sometimes free!)

Most orders ship within one or two business days, a few extra days are sometimes needed during a big sale. We're a small team.

We ship across Canada and the US, orders in Canada ship FREE over $100, after discounts.

Where the heck is Salt Spring Island? (It's a magical place)

We're on a small island in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. West coast vibes for days.

Come visit, hang out in our Tasting Room, and enjoy everything our artisan-rich island has to offer.

Premium + natural whole ingredients

Uniquely Curated. Exceptionally Preserved.

Woman-owned and family run

Handmade on Salt Spring Island

Our little jam factory started in Melanie's kitchen in 2012. We've grown into our full scale production kitchen and warehouse, and in the summer of 2023, we opened a Tasting Room.

Our small team is now more than a dozen people, and our favourite goal is to be the best employer in our small island community.

Most versatile jars in your fridge

From Breakfast to Happy Hour

There's so many creative and delicious ways to use our gourmet jams, spreads, preserves, and hot sauces.

  • Elevate your cheese and charcuterie boards
  • Spread on sourdough, crackers, and pastries
  • Take sandwiches and burgers to a new level
  • As a glaze or marinade
  • In baking (we love them in stuffed cookies)
  • As a yogurt or ice cream topping
  • In sauces and salad dressings
  • In cocktails and beverages
  • As a filling for crepes, pies, and pastries
Pairs well with ice

Elevate Your Drinks

Just a teaspoon will bring new flavours to your homemade sodas, cocktails, and lo-fi beverages.

Explore our recipes and our Ultimate Guide to Crafting Alcohol-Free Beverages.