Blueberry Gin Fizz

A Versatile Cocktail for Every Occasion

Enjoy the vibrant and refreshing taste of our Blueberry Gin Fizz, a cocktail that's as adaptable as it is delicious with the unique combination of our Blueberry & Basil Spread and Empress Gin. Empress Gin is a unique local gin in partnership with the Fairmont Empress Hotel and Victoria Distillers.

A Cocktail or a Spritzer

Easily transform this gin-based delight into a sparkling spritzer by simply omitting the gin. The blend of fresh lemon juice and the richness of blueberries, topped with a frothy finish, creates a drink that's as enjoyable without alcohol as it is with it.

Embrace the flexibility of our Blueberry Gin Fizz recipe and enjoy a tailor-made beverage for your taste and occasion.

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